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Best Luxury Homes Architect Specializing in designs for Castles, Mansions, and Villas

John Henry Architect, one of the top mansion designers in the United States, has been creating luxury homes for over 30 years in Florida, California, Delaware, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, New Jersey, Texas and in China and Sweden. World Class luxury homes have been created in European Renaissance and Contemporary styles. Each client/owner has a particular vision that is translated into a luxury residence using the principle design features of the historic style.

A luxury home can be simple or grand in its size and details. What matters are proportions and details to be as true as possible to the intended style. Of course a level of compromise must be taken as the true costs of creating the type of stone buildings and intricate hand worked iron, stucco, and interior details can be astronomical if completely replicated. But convincing results are possible using current modern materials and methods.

Period Style luxury homes are recreated the world over because their owners find something exquisite about castles, mansions and villas built during and after the Renaissance, from the 1400s to the late 1800s. In 400 years architects had a common interest in Greco-Roman architecture. The Italians first unearthed their ancestral architecture at the dawn of the Renaissance and deemed that style superior to the Medieval work that was being erected. They realized that there was something 'perfect' about the relationship of columns to beams - a matter of ratios of diameters, heights, spans, and attendant details that they traced back to ancient Greece and realized that from the Etruscans forward their stone masons looked at Greece for inspiration and then replicated their art and building methods. The Romans invented concrete and using bricks were able to create huge vaults and arches with thick walls, taking the trabeated system of the Greeks and using their new methods of construction to build not only temples dedicated to Gods but for the public use. These great structures were then mimiced by the church builders a thousand years later and adapted to private dwellings and palaces. The palaces and luxurious villas of the 15th through 18th centuries are models on which we base much of our period designs today.

As mentioned above no design is too small or large to be built for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the Owner. There are many options available to create period style designs of any scale, from starter Mansion to Castle of Dreams. John Henry can design a Schematic Floor Plan and Front Elevation only for initial evaluation and pricing, or continue with a basic Permit Set to designing the architectural interiors. Call John at 407 421 6647 or email him at

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