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Royal European Palace John Henry Architect.jpg
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palace luxury house manor design archite


Luxury dream homes are created by evoking the visions of historical palaces and castles.  The decorative arch, the intriguing porte cochere, the hand-worked stone and metals.  A mansion should be an echo of an authentic period style, and a new interpretation for a heritage home.  Your total needs and wants are incorporated in a magical way by the hand of John Henry.  It is not just about 'solving a problem'.  Estate homes are ethereal places that have a je ne sais quoi character, something intangible.  But real and living.

Your mansion may be inspired by any specific world wide historical mansion, castle or palace.  Or you can create a fantasy by mixing elements of several!  A custom home design for our time should be practical but elicit the grandeur and mystique of ancient Greek, Roman, Middle East, French or Italian period edifices.  You should communicate your exact wishes and requirements, your vision for how you wish to live, the statement that you want to impart.  Your dream home should be exactly what you see in your mind and what you desire in your heart.

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Spanish Castle 25,000 SF Mediterranean.j

Above: a Spanish Meditteranean castle inspired by magical Sintra in Portugal.  Approximately 35,000 SF.  Below: an Italian villa that includes two separate guest wings, servants quarters, gazebo, pool house, and underground game room and wine cellar.  Any source for inspiration can be used for your dream home!  Contact John Henry now to commence a most beautiful, inspiring, and comfortable home.  We can work together from Schematics to final Construction Documents, Interior Architecture, and Specifications.

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John Henry is one of the best-qualified architects to create large luxury estates.  He believes that protecting your investment value means creating a functional, attractive, technically proficient and enduring design -- taking advantage of property attributes, climate, and energy-saving components.

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French Renaissance luxury house Chateau
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Talented award winning luxury Florida ho
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Beautiful Luxury Homes Plans for Castles
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French Brick Chateau Castle luxury home
Castle Mansion plans luxury homes bluepr
Grand French Chataeau .jpg
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Classical Beaux Arts Mansion Palace Vill

Whether Mansion, Castle, or Luxury Villa, trust years of experience and a love of history and art to an architect who can best execute your vision

John Henry Architect

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