Architectural Interior Design

The interior design of a house should reflect the theme of the exterior design.  While this is always not possible or desired --when a new house is designed from scratch, the integrity of the architecture is best preserved when inside and out are complementary.  John Henry creates the exterior and interior design drawings of every project by hand, not using a computer.  This means that all of his custom houses are created the same way great buildings were conceived and documented for over 2,000 years.

There are an infinite variety and treatments possible for interiors, from the general concept to the selection of the smallest tile or cabinet knob.  Optimally, the same mind should be engaged from the large picture down to the smallest detail.  But again, this is not always possible or practical in every case, so designers selected by the Owner are welcome to collaborate.  In period houses especially, John suggests that the moldings, arches, ceilings, floors and other related details be handled together with the exterior design and floor planning.

Interior architectural design deals with the fixed and structural elements in any residence: Flooring, Metal railings, Trim and Moldings, Paneling, Fireplaces, Cabinetry, Door and windows and hardware, Lighting and Plumbing fixtures, etc.  An architect may also specify ceramic, stone and wood for cabinets, countertops, and wall/detail treatments for kitchens and baths.  Architectural decoration, furniture and accessories follow the design and specifications of the above.

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