Italian Mediterranean Villa

The Renaissance Italian Villa is the basis for all Mediterranean luxury mansions.  The historic style was popularized by Andrea Palladio, whose designs were completely symmetrical -- formulated after Roman and Greek temples.  The stucco walls and gently sloping ceramic tile roof exterior treatment with stately columns and generous arches are the cues that have popularized this style from Europe to the United States.  Ideal for moderate climates the high ceilings and large windows allow light and views.  Covered porches tie the inside to the outdoors.  Trim and moldings can be simple or more decorative.  Houses of this style have been formulated for smaller families to large compounds with several living and dining rooms, multiple bedrooms, studies, and accessory buildings.  

We can take inspiration from the many Mediterranean cultures that have created wonderful palaces and simple villas.  Moorish, Andalusian, Italian, and Middle Eastern and North African influences can make for an exotic residence.

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Mediterranean Royal Palace Santa Barbara
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Ornate Tuscan Mediterranean style villa.
Florida Mediterranean Spanish style John
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New Andalusian inspired Mediterranean luxury home mansion at 7,200 SF for Ocala, Florida fly-in community.  Wrought iron work, colored tiles, ceramic roof, textured stucco, metal finials, custom designed stone surrounds, columns and molding.