French Country Castle style Luxury Chateau

A 'Castle of Dreams', this finely detailed French Chateau is a monumental luxury home from the exterior and a breathtaking piece of architectural art inside.  The hand-worked limestone door surrounds, arches, columns, newel and wall application gives you the impression of a totally stone-built estate.  Combined with modern moldings and trim, the effect is magical and confident.  This is a rare example of the inspired mind of an architect and technical skill of a builder to execute an ambitious design.  Marble flooring with granite inlay creates a luxurious floor.  Decorative ironwork adds detail for the eye.  Video below right, shows the two-story Formal Hall and Library, the latter finished in cherry wood.  Ron Hazelton of Good Morning America takes you on a tour of the principal rooms.

Chateau des Reves is sheathed by flagstone and hand-worked limestone applied on concrete block walls.  The roof is a flat concrete tile.  There is some molded concrete at the base and under the eaves you may note a painted synthetic molding.  Final sketch, right bottom, illustrates the design as first envisioned by Florida architect John Henry.

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