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(Above) Sketch for a Baroque entry sequence to Manor House.  Decorative gate detail (below) in classical style

Video link on page above, Chateau des Reves French Country Manor House

  m gate 640.tif (273896 bytes)

Entry Gates for Mere Belle


Column/bridge detail, former residence of Payne and Tracy Stewart

Entry detail, Classical Porch

bracket orig.gif (444006 bytes)

fireplace1.jpg (37372 bytes)

Details will make or break a fine design.  The integrity of the work rests on the development of the overall theme into a relationship of the parts to the whole.  A good plan can be devastated by poor detailing and workmanship.  Even good details can rescue or obscure a poorly developed concept.  Whether Period or Contemporary in nature, the details fortify the design, they are proof of quality. 

Chateau des Reves (left)

Details encompass architectural elements and their joining, structural connections, attention to the smallest trim piece and the surrounding motif, the finish of materials,  window and door hardware, finished electrical and plumbing fixtures, sealants and conjunction of dissimilar materials, and general  craftsmanship.

Attention to details is a time consuming endeavor, but if the architect does not anticipate or plan, design and craft the essential details of a project, the weakness of the parts is revealed and the integrity suffers.  In essence, much money can be spent only to find disappointment in execution.  See Ultra-Custom Services.

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Villa Verona kitchRg.JPG (643074 bytes)

Stewstair.JPG (656392 bytes)


Stone entry column (above)

 Bracket Detail (below)

Stone Columns, wrought iron railing, coffer ceiling in groin vault with brackets and indirect lighting. (left)



Detail of Classical revival home, entire floor plans worked out in Feng Shui (above left), Classical Fireplace design (above right).  French Chateau entry detail, below

Creating the American Luxury Home Available now on CD- rom. (click below left) This is a history of the luxury home with sections on working with an architect and builder, style, modern and traditional approaches, etc.  Also, companion volume: Dream Home Design Questionnaire and Planning Kit (click right below, available as PDF file via email)

copper cover DHomeQ





Classical rotonda dome in foyer of Mediterranean style home

Cost to purchase most existing plan designs is $4.90/ SF typ. for Permit Set drawings, $2.85/SF for Schematic Design only (see each description for plan contents/availability)

NOTE: We do not have plan books nor send copies of our floor plans unless we are under contract.  Please contact us to receive typical contract form, or set an appointment to view most of our work at our Orlando office.

Ultra Luxury Custom Homes, Villas and Estates by des

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