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This general category incorporates the most fantastic imagery in residential architecture.  The following homes, a special collection hand picked from hundreds of turn of the century and pre-WWII designs, incorporate all the main features of their larger brethren.  Victorian, like French Renaissance, is probably the most decorative and thus labor intensive and costly style to design and build.  Your cost per square foot will exceed most merchant built homes by a factor of 2 or more.  Maintenance for painted wood exterior detailing is also high.  Still, these prototypes have been emulated over the years and hold a special status in the history of home design.    The large wrap around porches, steeply pitched roofs, gingerbread trim, multiple window geometry and extravagant details inside and out characterize this style.  You will also find some interesting transitional styles as well.  Garages will have to be added at the rear or side. Plans average 900- 2,200 SF.  You may figure approximate areas from the dimensioned plans; we will be calculating each house and displaying this information in the near future.  To see how you can have a customized design based on the Victorian style, see below.  Go here to see samples of Mediterranean Revival, Gambrel, Americana, Bungalow, Tudor, and other styles.  We will be expanding this selection to moderately sized plans in the near future.

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                4. Pflugerton                                                                5. Dinsdale                                                                            6. Fransesca

TotCHCV 656 First Floor.jpg (322054 bytes) TotCHCV 651.jpg (63436 bytes) TotCHCV 656 Second Floor.jpg (239459 bytes)    TotCHCV Second Floor 651.jpg (227271 bytes) TotCHCV 656.jpg (77883 bytes) TotCHCV First Floor 651.jpg (51900 bytes)    TotCHD plate XIX Second Floor.jpg (132104 bytes) TotCHD plate XIX Rendering.jpg (85598 bytes) TotCHD plate XIX first floor.jpg (120238 bytes)

                8. Newport                                                                9. Covington                                                                10. Biarritz

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                11. Freeport                                                                                                                                   12. Avonshire

The following homes were direct descendants of the ones above, built between 1830 and 1910


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 13. Brantley                                                                                        14. Columbia 

BVB plate5 side el.jpg (59552 bytes) BVB plate5 front el.jpg (87003 bytes) BVB plate5 second floor.jpg (108598 bytes) BVB plate5 first floor.jpg (149997 bytes)            BVB plate4 front el.jpg (74576 bytes) BVB plate3 Front El.jpg (85879 bytes) BVB plate4 floor plan.jpg (66033 bytes) BVB plate3 Floor Plan.jpg (53461 bytes)   

                    15. St. Claire                                                                                16. Brookshire

See also 'Establishing Period Style' essay 

Chateau des Reves: click image above for exclusive video of interior space


We will create a custom floor plan and front elevation for your home - in any style -  up to 4,500 SF for a design fee of only $2.80/ SF total built area under roof.  We will respond within 10 working days with a period style or contemporary Schematic Floorplan and Preliminary Elevation.  You may request additional interior and exterior details in optional phases after your ideal plan and elevation are designed.  Contact architect at for more details.  

 To contact Architect: 

Cost to purchase most existing plan designs is $4.90/ SF typ. for Permit Set drawings, $3.30/SF for Schematic Design only (see each description for plan contents/availability)

NOTE: We do not have plan books nor send copies of our floor plans unless we are under contract.  Please contact us to receive typical contract form, or set an appointment to view most of our work at our Orlando office.

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