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Custom Luxury Homes Houses and Plans by John Henry .  Period traditional style and contemporary modern floor plans for new homes.  Dream homes, Tudor mansion plans, French country chateaux, European castle plans, French country house plans, remodeling, interiors, house plans, luxury house plans, real estate, home plan designs, resources, free questionnaire.  Also commercial projects: theme resorts, hospitality, renovation, urban planning, small town design, retail.

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Start to Plan your Dream Home Now

 scaabq0w.gif (31390 bytes)     This Quick Start Questionnaire (pdf file) is yours to use for an overview of total size, style, rooms required, etc. that you have in mind as a base program.  The fill in the blanks format allows the prospective homeowner to quickly establish the basic requirements of their Dream Home and to relay this information to any design professional. For a customized quote to design your home, just complete the questionnaire, ignore payment info at bottom, and fax to 305/ 425-5855.  For a comprehensive 130 page ebook Planner, which includes the Quick Start Questionnaire, please order here.  

Open Questionnaire here as a pdf file and print file. If you cannot open or print the questionnaire from this web site please contact us to have it faxed to you directly, or print form below. 

Go to Services  to review how this questionnaire is used to generate the Schematic Floor plan and Preliminary Elevation.

For the most comprehensive workbook and questionnaire available, order the 140 page Dream Home Design Questionnaire Available Now!, which includes the Quick Start Home Planner Questionnaire




Prepared by: ________________________________________

email: _______________ 

mailing address: _______________________________________

property address: ______________________________________

Created by John Henry Architect at

  1. I/ we plan to build a custom home ___ for myself /ourselves or ___ speculatively.
  2. I plan to build on a flat ___, sloping ___, or irregular ___, site. (check one)
  3. ___ I do not have a site purchased. Please design a Dream Home for me per the specifications outlined herein.  ___ I have purchased a lot. (check one)                                                                                                                          [Please include site survey, setbacks, height restrictions, and all applicable code or jurisdictional information.]
  4. I will be building in a deed-restricted community. (yes/ no) [If yes, supply complete architectural design standards and covenants.]
  5. The site vegetation and topography can be described as follows: _____________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________         [Send topographical map and tree survey if site purchased.]
  6. The surrounding area and immediate lots to left and right and across the street are described as follows: _____________________________________________________     _____________________________________________________              [Supply photographs as deemed necessary.]
  7. The total area of conditioned space I wish to achieve is between ______ SF and ______ SF.
  8. My approximate budget per square foot of conditioned space (measured to outside of bearing wall) is approximately $____/ SF, or maximum budget of $_________ for house construction alone.  NOTE: Architect cannot be held liable for cost of house exceeding Client budget. Client must check with Realtors or Builders in his or her area to arrive at projected costs per style of house, budget, and location.
  9. The style of home I would like can best be described as: [Option: send any photos, drawings, plans, etc. on file or from scrapbook.] __________________     ______________________________________________________    ______________________________________________________    ______________________________________________________
  10. I like/ do not like symmetry in my plans or elevations. (circle one and explain)       ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
  11. The total number of bedrooms is ____. The total number of baths is ____. I wish to have the following rooms (circle Y for yes or N for no), with approximate sizes indicated in length and width and a short description of each.:

Y/N. Formal Living ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________

Y/N. Formal Dining ___________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________

Y/N. Family Room ____________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________

Y/N. Library/ Den____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Describe all other rooms (kitchen, breakfast, butler pantry, secondary bedrooms, garages, storage, exercise, guest, powder, bars, retreats, lofts, playrooms, etc.) desired with approximate size and description of each: (add pages if necessary) ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________

      12. I prefer a formal/ informal plan. (circle one and explain) ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________     ___________________________________________________________

      13. I would like the following rooms arranged on the first level and the remainder upstairs: ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________

      14. The following rooms/ spaces must be placed close to each other: ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________         ___________________________________________________________

      15. I do/ do not wish to have step-downs or level changes, or only in the following areas: (describe) _____________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________         ___________________________________________________________

      16. The following activities will take place outside: (example: pool, decks, gazebos, boat dock, tennis, etc.) _________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________         ___________________________________________________________

      17. I would like the following rooms/spaces oriented to specific views or placed per compass direction as follows: __________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________         ___________________________________________________________

      18. The first floor height should be at least ___ ft., and not to exceed ___ ft. I want the second floor height to be at least ___ ft., and not to exceed ___ ft. (more) ______     ___________________________________________________________         ___________________________________________________________

      19. The driveway approach will be: (example: circular drive, inside load or setback side load drive, center approach, rear approach, etc.) ___________________    __________________________________________________________

      20. I would like the perimeter wall of the house to be constructed of ______________________ (example, wood and brick, and stucco, steel, rammed earth, etc.), and be approximately ____in. thick.

      21. I want a full/ partial/ no basement. (circle one)

      22. I like/ do not like irregular rooflines. (circle one)

      23. The perimeter plan geometry should be: (check one)

           ___ Regular (rectangular geometry with minimum wall projections (for easiest, most cost-effective build-out)

           ___ Medium Irregular plan with meandering exterior walls (moderate cost to build but may offer best views, orientation to natural features, topography, vegetation, sun angle, etc.)

           ___ Complex (highly irregular plan with many angles and/or curving walls inside and out, expensive to detail, finish out and construct)


___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    ___________________________________________________________    

Continue only to request a formal contract for review.  Proceed below to order your Schematic Floor plan and Preliminary Elevation per Fee Schedule.

PAYMENT CALCULATIONS (only if ordering plans now, not for quote):

Total size of home= ____ Estimated Total Buildable area or Square Feet (Air conditioned space, plus other area under roof -- garages, porches, balconies, wall thickness) 

Total size: ______SF (multiplied by cost of design per SF) X _____$/ SF= $ _______ Cost of Design FEE

If your Design Fee is over $10,000, a 30% retainer will be accepted to commence design for Schematic Floor Plan and Preliminary Elevation.  Balance due required upon submittal of Schematic Floor Plan in order to finish Preliminary Elevation.  Entire fee due to commence design on either Schematic Floor Plan only or Preliminary Elevation only.  Fees for Schematic Floor Plan and Preliminary Elevation as a package will be credited towards Permit Set option.  Please see Fee Schedule.

I am sending this form with payment using __ credit card (form below), __ mailed check


Make sure to fax this form to 305/ 425-5855 next to complete your order.

 Pay with Credit Card below:

                 FEE to be billed to credit card (or send check) = $ _______

Name on Credit Card: ________________________________________

Credit Card Company: ___________________

Credit Card No.: _______________________

Expiration Date: _______________________

Mailing Address:________________________  Name

                             _________________________ Street

                            _________________________ City, State and Zip Code

Credit Card billing Address:________________________  Name

                             _________________________ Street 

                            _________________________ City, State and Zip Code



My daytime phone number is __________________________

My after-hours phone number is ________________________

My fax number is _______________________

My e-mail address is _____________________

I/We heard of your company and services  from __________________________________________________________

NOTE: PLEASE TRANSMIT AN E-MAIL MESSAGE CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER.                       Send e-mail indicating you have placed an order to: .

Fax or mail all materials and remit payment by check or credit card, and address all future correspondence and payments to:

John Henry Design International, Inc.

7491 Conroy Windermere Rd.

Orlando, Florida 32835

fax this form back to: 305/ 425-5855

To Contact architect via e-mail:      To Contact architect by phone: 407/ 421-6647

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Chateau des Reves: click image above for exclusive video of interior space

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